Why Mobile? 

The Mobile Revolution has been fought and mobile won.  The facts are astonishing!  Today, there are more open accounts for mobile phones than there are people on the planet.  Ovum counts 355 million US cell phone users.  This is up 11 million from 2014.  eMarketer estimates that 150 million Americans will shop online and over half will use a mobile device.  56% of US adults use a smartphone and 97% of those report having their phones within arms length 24/7!


Mobile marketing also allows small and medium sized bsuinesses to develop powerful databases full of the most valuabel information available today.  A cell phone number!  Mobile First startegies involve engaging customers through their cell phone.  Mobile is more intimate and allows for more personalized and custom engagement.  86% of consumers polled said they were more likely to enagage a business if they offered a mobile route.  These consukers increasingly want more personalized experiences.  Mobile has unparallelled capabilities to help your business deliver on Mobile.  

Can Mobile help a Small & Medium Sized Businesses?

Catch and Release or Eat what You kill?

The opportunity for small and medium sized businesses is huge!  There is a growing and powerful trend to buy and shop local.  People like to support local businesses.  Increasingly, people are looking for locally gown food and products made and manufactured close to where they live.  This trend will get stronger if the economy continues to improve.  


The National Federation of Independent Business reported that Small Business Saturday 2014, sponsored by American Express, drew in 88 million shoppers.  This is up nearly 15% from 2013.  These shoppers spent over $14 billion! Retailers stand to benefit greatly from a Mobile First strategy.  As ComScore reports, consumers using a smartphone to find products or a specific retailer grew to 50%, in 2014, up from 44%, in 2013.  This means your potential customers are either findng you or their findng your comeptition.



How is Mobile Better?

A fully integrated Mobile First strategy makes all your current marketing channels more effective and easier to track.  Furthermore, 81%, of mobile phone users, said they researched a product on their phone before going to the retailer (Ipsos MEdia/Sterling BRand for Google). 19% of those said that they researched in-store and that it enhanced their buying experience.  What are some other reasons?


  • Mobile Coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of printed coupons

  • US Consumers that utilize a discount or coupon via mobile device will grow almost 79 million, in 2014, to well over 100 million by 2016 (eMarketer)

  • 53% of US tablet users will redeem a discount coupon online (eMarketer)

  • 40% of smartphone users will redeem a mobile coupon in-store (eMarketer)

  • 60% of all customers look for sales and discounts via mobile device (Ninth Decimal)

  • 96% od US consumers say they will use a mobile device to find the best retail deals in 2015 (Shopular 2015 Mobile Retail Outlook Survey)

  • Response rates from printed material can double or triple with mobile integration

  • 70% of mobile searches lead to follow-up acion and 30% of those result in a sale (SearchEngineLand)