Virtual Business Cards

The InfiniCard is a virtual business card that is the new standard for delivering your cintact information to new contacts.  What if you had a list of everyone you've ever handed your business card to and a fully automated system for re-marketing and referral lead generation?  Well now you can!!


The InfiniCard is a WebLite App that allows you to deliver your contact information, links to websites, social media, as well as vieo and pictures right to your new contacts cell phone instantly.  The App is in the cloud so it doesn't take up valuable memory and it can't access your phones data.  You access your personalized and branded App by tapping an icon that is bookmarked to your home screen.  The WebLite App interface comes up and you simply enter your contacts cell phone number and the fully automated platform instantaneously delivers a customized message to the palm of their hand.  


The automated platform also captures their cell phone data and can send an alert to your cell, by text, and/or email.  The information can later be downloaded from the platform through your secure dashboard.  


The Infinitude Marketing Platform also allows you to send customized messages through our fully automated system.  You can send a blast message to a group or to a single individual.  It is a powerful tool for delivering rich content, video and picture as well as links to your website or social media.  


Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration