Mobile Drives Social Media and Event Promotion Engagements

If you’re interested in growing your social media presence, there’s no faster way to do it than by integrating mobile in to all of your marketing and advertising channels



Add a dynamic feed to your mobile website that will automatically update your mobile site every time you post on Facebook



Ask your Facebook friends to share a mobilized campaign and go viral

Manage your social media with INFINITUDE’s Mobile Marketing Platform. Schedule messages to be sent in the FUTURE through your social media sites.  Our Platform saves you time and money!  It’s free and included in any Mobile Website package!

Appointment Reminders Increase Profits

As any doctor’s office will tell you, a cancelled or no-show appointment is money lost.  It takes a toll on staff just keeping the appointment book full.  INFINITUDE’s fully automated Mobile Marketing Platform makes sending out appointment reminders, tracking cancellations and effective re-scheduling a breeze.  Our Platform

A fully Mobilized Event Promotion with an iPad and Tablet Kiosk drives attendance and the bottom line

Run special promotion or offers at the gate or ticket counter with a mobile Kiosk

Power your home based business or Network Marketing efforts with a mobile Kiosk

Leverage the POWER of

Mobile for big Profits!