Retail store and Restaurant Marketing

A Mobile First marketing strategy gives your potential new customers and existing clients to easiest and most convenient way to connect.  Their mobile device.  Mobile marketing is a powerful tool for effectively and efficiently connecting with new and existing customers.


In today's competitive market place, small and medium sized businesses must have a fully mobilized web presence.  Mobile websites and responsive designed desktop sites are crucial as search engines increasingy prioritize mobile friendly businesses.  While 86% of consumers report that they would be more likely to engage a business with a good mobile presence, only 56% of business owners prioritize mobile.  

Websites Become Lead Generators!
  • Google reports that over hall of all searches originate ona  mobile device like an iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet
  • There are now more open cell phone user accounts than there are people on the planet
  • Three times as many people will send or receive a text message than will post on the most popular social media site
  • Smartphone users admit to having their mobile device within arms reach 24/7
  • 99% of all Text Messages are opened within 90 seconds
  • 69% of moble searches result in a consumer engagement
  • A little more than half of all consumer engagements froma  mobile search results ina  conversion
  • 86% of Consumers report that they would be more likely to engage a business or brand that offered discounts, offers, and relevant information through their mobie device

Mobile is the most powerful tool for connecting with new customers; generating more repeat business from existing customers and clients; generating more referral business; and marketing new products and services. 

Mobile Couponing

Mobile Coupons and special discounts and offers through Mobile Clubs are a great way to build a large database of your customers.  Mobilized Print Coupons and Mobile Coupons generate more business than traditional couponing.  


By adding a Text2 Feature, redemption rates for printed coupons can increase two to three times normal rates.  Mobilized Print Coupons are easier to track.  This means a more accurate ROI can be determined.  


Mobile Coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of printed coupons!  Did you know that 75% of Mobile users report using a mobile coupon?  Mobile coupons have significant advantages over printed coupons.  They rarely get wrinkled or lost under the seat of your car.  Also, a 2014 Study by Key Ring found that over 80% of shppers said their "perception" of a company or tore would be improved if they offered mobile coupons.   



Loyalty Programs are the most cost effective methods ever developed for putting dollars on the bottom line.  The cost to acquisition of new customers as compared to keeping the one's you got and getting to come back more often is astronomical.  Loyalty Programs like punch cards, discount clubs, and frequent visitor programs are even more effective as part of a Mobile First Strategy.


Our fully automated Marketing Platform also allows for more personalized and relevant engagement marketing which is key to customer retention.  Fully automated customer satisfaction surveys, Text2Win, and Polling allow savvy business owners to develop more detailed customer profiles.  This can be traslated in to rich content, pictures, and video special and personalized to each consumer.  

Point of Sale Lead Capture Systems generates more repeat business and helps smart businesses market other products and services.  Point of Sale Lead Capture systems can be deployed in a numerous ways.  Kiosks that can be accessed through iPad or Tablet, as well as by mobile phone, are flexible and affordable systems for capturing customers cell phone data.  86% of mobile shoppers report being more interested in engageing compnies that offer a mobile connections.  

Mobilized printed advertisements get more responses.  75% of Mobile Shoppers report that they have used coupons and other mobile based offers.  Today's consumer demands to be catered to and to get offers and discounts via a mobile device.  Business owners can offer shoppers the opportunity to convert a printed coupon, discount, or special offer in to a mobile version delivered to their phone instantaneously.  


The fully automated Marketing Platform allows for friendly reminders, which drives up redepmtion, and easy re-marketing eforts.  This means more repeat business! It also provides go-getter business owners to expose customers to other products or services that they also offer.  

Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration