Real Estate Marketing

Infinitude's Automated Real Estate Marketing System generates more Leads and Referrals for an Affordable Investment


Real Estate Sales Leads

Generate and capture more Real Estate Leads.  The fully automated Platform is designed to allow potential clients, prospects, and contacts to easily access your contact information through a mobile device, such as an iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, or other Tablet device.  Real Estate Agents can easily capture their potential clients contact information and store in a secure database.  


Our Virtual Business Cards (The InfiniCard) are a more economical and environmetally friendly way to send your full contact data right to a clients phone for easy storage.  Plus, you get their cell phone cell phone data conveniently downloaded in to your fully automated Marketing Platform.  Send messages, keep in touch, and generate referrals.  


Our Real Estate Marketing Center's are a powerful, personalized, automated, and fully mobile ready lead generating tool. Agents get a fuly personalized and branded portal with Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, Click-to-Email, plus social media links.  The Infinitude Real Estate Marketing Center is also a powerful and fullya utomated engagement tool. Send messages, ask for referrals, generate and capture more leads.   


Real Estate Marketing Center

The INFINITUDE Real Estate Marketing Center is a powerful tool designed to help Real Estate Brokerages and their Real Estate Agents generate and capture more buyer and seller leads.  The Real Estate Marketing Center is a fully automated, personalized and branded, marketing platform.  


All Real Estate Marketing Centers contain an individual Real Estate Agent's full contact information with easy and convenient Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, Click-to-Email widgets, plus social media links. Marketing Centers  also contain powerful MLS based listing pages with full and rich listing details.  Agents can delver rich content including pictures and video tour directly form the Paltform.  Listing pages are automatically populated with extra information such as nearby schools, businesses, entertainment, as well as providing mortgage calcuators and dynamic locator maps.  


Listing Pages, in the Infinitude Real Estate Marketing Center's, are dynamically connected to the Infinitude Marketing Platform for Curbside Lead Capture Campaigns.   Curbside Lead Capture Campaigns generate more leads through customized Keywords that deliver links to prospects cell phones that link directly to your individual listing pages.  The fully automated platform captures the Curbside Lead's cell pone and instantaneously delivers a notification to your cell by text and/or through email.  


The Infinitude Real Estate Marketing Center is another Infinitude WebLite App. Unlike Native Apps, the WebLite App doesn't need to download any information on to a mobile device.  So, it doesn't eat up valuable memory.  It can't access your personal and private data and poses no threat of downloading any malicious malware.  WebLite Apps combine most of the functionality of a native app ata  fraction of the cost.  


Curbside Lead Capture Campaigns

Curbside Lead Capture Campaigns generate more leads in real time through the fully automated Marketing Platform.  A key source of Real Estate buyer leads come from drive-by sightings.  Individual Real Estate Agents can give their potential clients an easy, convenient, and instantaneous access to the listing details including price, square footage, dynamic locator map, automated listings for nearby schools, entertainment choices, services, and powerful tools like mortgage calculators.  Most important, Listing Pages contain quick and easy Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, Click-to-Email, buttons along with social media links.  


Each Listing page, in an individual Real Estate Agents Marketing Center, is combined with a customized Keyword that can be prominently displayed on lawn signage or through flyers placed in Take-One boxes.  Potential buyers can text in the Keyword and receive a message with a direct link to the relevant listing in the Agents Real Estate Marketing Center. Most important, the buyers cell phone is captured and the fully automated platform delivers notifications to your cell or email inbox.  This is a powerful real time engagement tool.  Furthermore, the fully automated Platform allows Agents to maintain contact with potential buyers, send out notifications of new listings, or changes in pricing, and to ask for referrals.  


Packages Start at $49/setup & $14.99/mo

Packages Include:

  • Fully Personalized and Branded Mobile Marketing Center App
  • Each Marketing Center includes 5 Listing (these can be changed at anytime)
  • Full Contact Information including Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, Click-to-Email
  • Social Media Links
  • 5 Custom Keywords linked to Listing Pages
  • Access to the Marketing Platform
  • Training, email support, and tutorials
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Dynamic Locator Maps
  • MLS Listing Details
  • Fully Automated Re-Marketing and Referral Mining Tools