Mobile Loyalty Rewards Programs

Loyalty rewards programs are a powerful tool for keeping customers happy and coming back.  These programs are also a great way to generate incremental revenue growth for your business by increasing repeat visits.  Programs that are convenient, easy to understand, and provide owners and managers an easy way to track and administer the program work best for small and medium sized businesses.  


Retailers, restaurants & Bars, and all types of service providers benefit from strong and easy to administer programs.  However, many small and medium sized businesses are reluctant to implement a Loyalty Rewards Program because they believe that the cost outweighs the benefit.  A 2014 Study, by the Harvard School of Business, showed that this widely held belief was a myth.  Their findings showed, instead, that many retailers, in particular, simpy failed to implement a program that provided a clear-value proposition for the shopper.  

Infinitudes Mobile Loyalty Rewards Program offers small and medium sized businesses a powerful tool for intensifying customer loyalty.  Consumers have shown that they prefer to receive offerings via text in-store or through a remote means such as off of a website.  


Our fully automated platform provides owner's and managers multiple methods for opting-in customers and administering the program.  By using static codes, bar codes, QR Codes or by integrating with your existing POS System, the automated platform can advance and track the program for maximum effect.  Send personalized offers and discounts with our easy to redeem mobile platform.  

Loyalty programs mean big profits for small business owner's.  The Small Business administration found that a 5% gain in customer retention resulted in a 25-100% increase in profits.  Repeat customers also tend to spend more than new customers.  Inc.Com found that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers.  They are more receptive to up-selling adn cross-selling efforts because they know and trust the brand. So, whether you're trying to deepen your relationship with existing customers or just want to drive bottom line revenues, an effective and automated Loyalty Rewards Program needs to be part of your strategy