Mobile Coupons Drive Big Profits

Mobile Coupons are a great way to increase profits.  They have been shown to generate much higher redemption rates than traditional methods.  Eliminate printing costs and widen distribution potential at a lower cost.  Coupons can be shared through multiple channels including through TV or radio Ads, as well as through a desktopsite, mobioe site, social media and SMS and push messaging.  



Deliver rich beautiful mobile coupons directly to your new and existing customers smartphone device. Mobile Coupons get 10X higher redemption rates than traditional print, clip-n-save, or online offerings.  


Consumers, according to research, prefer to receive money-off coupons via text while in store or after opting in to an online mobile campaign.  Infinitudes fully automated mobile couponing platform allows you to easily and very cost-effectively opt-in customers via keyword, kiosk, phone blasters, QR codes, and mobile landing pages.   


The fully automated marketing platform provides outstanding analytics allowing you to track ROI, and drive redemtptions through reminders and ongoing marketing efforts.  Get extra value by utilizing text-polling and surveying to generate a more customized and personalized marketing approach.  People first marketing has shown to amplify any marketing plan.  This feature is included in all plans.