Order Ahead WebLite App

An Infinitude WebLite Order-Ahead App is a powerful tool for casual restaurants to drive overall revenues by attracting more new customers and heightening customer loyalty.    


Providing customers with an easy and convenient mobile option results in increased sales per ticket. Customers tend to order more add-ons and are more likely to send group orders.


Order-ahead Apps have also been shown to improve overall customer satisfaction by reducing point of sale anxiety and payment friction.


Combined with Infinitude's fully automated marketing platform, a fully branded and customized mobile option can drive bottom line revenues with push messaging, mobile coupons and by deploying mobile loyalty reward cards.

Infinitude's WebLite App offers a great and affordable mobile solution for engaging consumers and driving incremental sales.  WebLite Apps differ from Native apps in that they don't require a download.  So, they take up zero phone memory.  WebLite Apps are also more secure because they can't access your phones data.  Two important considerations for reducing obstacles for adoption by your new and existing customers. 


WebLite's can also be deployed in days not months and at a fraction of the cost of developing a branded customized Native App.  WebLite Apps are fully branded to our clients specifications and customized to maximize value with ongoing support.  They offer a wide range of functionality including click-to-call, click-to-text, and click-to-email buttons.  


Our Apps also provides an excellent solution to your mCommerce needs.  Whether your a casual restaurant, retailer with a store-front, or you're looking for ways to drive digital sales.  A WebLite App is a way to provide your customers a seamless experience across you're online eCommerce to an mCommerce solution for mobile devices.  


Native Apps, of course, have an infinite amount of potential with the widest range of functionality to customize a great consumer engagement. Infinitude would be happy to hep you develop the best option available for your budget.  

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