Mobile First Strategy

Infinitude Mobile Marketing is a full service marketing firm dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses attract new customers and generate more repeat business and referral business through a mobile first strategy.  


Our goal is to take your existing marketing and advertising strategy in to the mobile age.  By integrating a mobile first strategy in to your current marketing and advertising channels, we can enhance ROI, provide better tracking, and a more customized approach to getting and keeping customers and clients.  


We will analyze your current mobile presence and provide solutions that enhance your current presence and offer new methods for reaching the modern consumer where they shop--on their mobile device.  Our approach is about way more than just tweeking your website.  We can mobilize and enhance any marketing and advertising channel including TV, Radio, email and Print.  We have specific strategies for many types of businesses.   


Real Estate Marketing


Real Estate sales is an intensly competitive market.  Successful agents need to use every tool at their disposal to reach and keep new clients.  Our Real Estate Marketing Platform is a full suite of tools designed to generate more leads and get more referrals.  The Real Estate WebLite App allows agents to deliver their full contact information, including Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, and Click-to-Email right to their clients cell phone.  


The Curbside Lead Generator is a state of the art lead generator. Utilizing enhanced yard signs or free standing signs Real Estate Agents can capture potential buyers in contact information in real time.  


Virtual business cards are powerful lead generators that make re-marketing a breeze.  You can become a referral monster!

Retail & Hospitality Marketing

Retail and Hospitality companies benefit greatly from a Mobile First Strategy. Methods such as Mobile Couponing, targeted and personalized SMS and Email programs optimized for mobie first have been shown to increase sales and repeat business.  Consumers, when polled, consistently report that they would be more likely to engage a barnd that offers a mobile option.  Unfortunately, the majority of business owners are either unaware of this fact or refuse to accept it.  Their competitors won't.


Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee houses, food trucks, and other hospitality companies have an unprecedented opportunity to grow their customer base and get more repeat business.  Our platform provides the ability to deliver rich content, pictures, and video right to people cell phones.  


Research shows that mobile is crucial for retail and hospitality concerns.  The biggest retailers and hospitality chains are making a big move in to mobile and their getting big results.  We can bring the same cpaabilities to small and medium sized buisnesses ata fraction of he cost.     


Mobile Websites

The mobile revolution is over and mobile won.  The worlds largest and most iportant search engine has declared that mobile first is a must. Today, searches that originate from a mobile device are well over half of all searches worldwide.  If your business is not showing as a mobile friendly site, you are losing customers to your competitors.  A Mobile First Strategy is about making sure that your business website shows is optimized for mobile viewing.  This may mean a responsive design or a stand alone mobile website that provides a seamless experience for potential customers.  


Research shows that consumers are are increasingly using mobile devices, like an iPhone, Smartphone (Android), iPad or tablet, to find products, goods, and services.  These searches are very powerful for adding dollars to the bottom line.  These searches are highly goal directed and more often than not result in actual purchases.  


Social Media Management Tools

Social Media is a popular, cheap, and effective tool for building top of mind awareness and customer loyalty.  Unfortunately, social media marketing has the trajetory of a brick!  This means constant effort is required to generate even a small response.  Our fully automated social media mangement tool allows you to mange your time and maintain an excellent social media presence.  Schedule posts in advance and let the tool do all the work.  

Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration